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The Skylynn - Silver Bracelet 925

The Skylynn - Silver Bracelet 925

From the collection of Masha - The Skylynn Bracelet.

Product information.
Metal: 925 silver
The Stone is made of "Tanzanite".

Tanzanite is found only in one place in the world - Tanzania, in East Africa. It is a blue variety of zoisite gemstone.

Tanzanite is believed to have formed around 585 million years ago, but was only discovered in 1967.
It is a member of the zoisite family, but is unique because of its striking blue-violet color. Tanzanite is tri-colored and unique
Tanzanite is rarer than diamond.

the reason.

This is due to the fact that tanzanite is only found in one area
very small part of the world.

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